Aquabot Turbo T-Jet

The Aquabot Turbo T-Jet is one of the newest products put out by Aqua Products, Incorporated.  One of the biggest hassles of pool ownership can be keeping your swimming pool clean.  The Turbo T-Jet has been designed to help eliminate much of what people dread about this time consuming chore.  By using a design that features a built in pump, Aquaproducts has eliminated many moving parts that are prone to breaking.  The T-Jet design also works more efficiently than many other robotic pool cleaners.  The Aquabot Turbo has been designed for use on the hard surfaces found in concrete and gunite swimming pools.  One of this products main selling points is its reliability.  The makers stress that you can significantly cut down repair bills that you may have grown accustomed to as part of your pool costs. This pool cleaner stands out for its pump motor which is actually built in to the unit itself.

The built in pump design of the Aquabot Turbo eliminates the need for cumbersome hoses running to the filter.  It also greatly increases the efficiency of this unit compared with other pool cleaners.  The Turbo T-Jet has a suction flow of nearly five thousand gallons per hour.  Compared to other pool cleaners, this is nearly 10 times as much suction flow.

Some additional features include:

  • The Aquabot Turbo can clean a fifty foot pool from floor to waterline in approximately one hour.
  • Large capacity 34 quart filter bag.
  • Not limited by pool configuration.
  • Wheel tubes and brushes have been eliminated on the Aquabot Turbo by the use of “Power Washing Jet Technology.”
  • Adjustable timer
  • ETL listed cleaner,cable and power supply.
  • Filter bags are constructed of fine mesh.

Because the Aquabot Turbo uses a Jet Drive Propulsion System, many movable (and breakable) parts have been eliminated.  You don’t have to replace gears, belts, drive motors and pulleys if they are never part of the system!

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools are a great alternative for people looking to get a swimming pool without going broke.  As swimming pools go, an above ground swimming pool is a much less expensive alternative to in ground models.  The difference in cost can literally be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

For those looking to work within an even tighter budget, you can sometimes find above ground swimming pools for sale in lightly used condition.  Discount above ground swimming pools can also be found if you’re smart shopper, and this can save even more money.  Used swimming pools can sometimes be purchased through local classified ads for as little as a couple of hundred dollars.  In fact, if you watch closely and act quickly, these pools are sometimes even given away if you are willing to take the pool down for the previous owner.  Usually this happens when the kids or grandchildren are no longer around to make use of the swimming pool and the owner doesn’t want to deal with maintenance anymore.  Often when you pick up a used swimming pool, you will need to purchase a new swimming pool liner as well.  You can usually find above ground swimming pool liners for under $200 if you shop around, and your savings over buying a new pool will still be dramatic. If you choose to skip the used pool option, you will need to locate above ground swimming pool dealers in your area to compare pool prices or look right here, online.

Prices in my area recently ran from around $1800 up to about $4000.  Of course, you can end up spending a lot more depending on what kind of pool and swimming pool accessories you decide to purchase. There are also small above ground swimming pools that are smaller and cheaper than traditional models.  Occasionally, you’ll find these with solid sidewalls, but these are not very common anymore.   A lot of people today are purchasing inflatable above ground swimming pools.  These above the ground swimming pools are relatively easy to set up and can be found on sale for under $1000.  They are generally designed for easy setup.  One person can set one up in a single day with a help of a couple of friends.  If your area is anything like mine, you have probably seen at least one or two of these already.  The price of these is so low that they can sometimes be an impulse purchase during a streak of hot weather.  Possibly the most popular pool to fall into this category is the Easy Set swimming pool.  These are manufactured by Intex above ground swimming pools and they offer complete swimming pool kits for prices in the low hundreds of dollars.  These are some of the most reasonably priced pools going today.  Even other inflatable pools can have prices that top $1000, so the Easy Set is definitely worth a look for people working within a tight budget.  The Easy Set is also a very nice option for people who are looking for portable above ground swimming pools that can be taken with them when they travel. If you decide to go with an above ground swimming pool, you will need to consider the amount of space you have available before making your purchase.  Allow for some room around the pool and do not place it in an area prone to getting debris blown toward it.  Cleaning out pine needles and leaves can be a major pain and you can’t just let dirt sit in your pool.  You should also take into account how people will be able to access the pool.  If you are just going to have a basic above ground pool ladder, you will not need nearly as much space as you would if you go with a deck  or patio surrounding the swimming pool area.

Above ground swimming pool decks are a wonderful addition to the swimming pool area, but they do take up a lot of space and they can have quite a bit to your swimming pool costs.  If you have put in a lot of time and effort searching for above ground swimming pools cheap, adding on a deck can blow your costs right through the roof.  I don’t say that to put anyone off of a nice deck, it is just a fact that swimming pool decks can be quite expensive. Another consideration is getting electricity to your pool’s filtering system.  If you decide to purchase and above ground swimming pool kit, the swimming pool filter itself may be included in your package.  You will still need to have access to electricity though to run the filter and you should note that there are codes and ordinances related to how this power is supplied.  Be sure to check out your local requirements before proceeding with any pool installations.  Running electricity to your pool may be something that you’re able to do yourself if you are a qualified electrician in Preston. I, personally, would never attempt it on my own.  Electrical work is definitely something best left to professionals.

One more thing how would like to touch on in this article is installing above ground swimming pools.  Unless you are setting up one of the models designed to be very simple to set up, it would be wise to either have the pool installed professionally, or to get yourself some qualified helpers who have experience in setting up swimming pools.  Doing things right the first time on this kind of project really makes things easier.

Here are some pools for sale right now at very competitive prices. I have done my best to find the best value before including these listings. At the time of my listing these pools, only new pools are showing but you should still read all listings to confirm what your package includes. Many of these come as complete kits which can be a major savings when you’re looking at above ground swimming pool prices. Check the individual listings regarding shipping times and charges. Some of these include free shipping as well.  Finding the best above ground swimming pools available at prices that fit your budget may take a little bit of research, but it is time well spent.  Your new pool will provide you and your family with fun and entertainment for several years if properly maintained.  When you compare the cost to taking your family on even a one week vacation, but prices can end up looking pretty good!

Turning Your Landscape Design Ideas Into Reality

One question to ask yourself before you get started on your landscape design ideas is should you do it yourself or hire a landscape architect. Do it yourself since your landscape design ideas are unique and no one knows your yard and your ideas better than you do.

A great idea is to plan your landscape design ideas down on paper, one for the front yard and one for your back yard. You can go so far as to pick colors that you think would enhance your surroundings and offset the house.
Some points you may want to consider in your landscape design ideas:

1. Age and hobbies of your family.
2. What makes your family happy?
3. Who will be in charge of maintaining the landscape?
4. Do you need a landscape irrigation system?
5. Consider different types of landscape lighting.

An item that you might find interesting is the “curb appeal” is very important. It is your home’s landscape that provides the first impression. Do you realize that “curb appeal” can boost the sales price of your home by up to 15%?

Your lawn is the most important part of your landscape. It needs to be mowed often so it will grow thicker and always mow with sharp blades and do not cut more than 1/3 of the grass height. You should always water 1 – 1-1/2 inch per week dependent on rainfall.

Common landscaping tools to take into consideration during your landscape design ideas phase are:

1. Shovels
2. Rakes
3. Trowels
4. Pruners and shears
5. Wheelbarrows
6. Lawnmower and gas

Be sure to keep these items well maintained, together and easily accessible in a shed or garage.
Work into your design basic guidelines such as:

1. A backyard should be a retreat. Plant trees and easy to care for plants. Did you know that trees can cut down on air conditioning costs?
2. Think of adding a deck or remodeling the one you have. It is a great way to entertain or unwind.
3. Consider all drainage issues.
4. In your front yard consider parking and turn around as well as the focal point of your home – the front door.
5. A privacy fence is great for children and pets.
6. Consider a play area for children.
7. Decide on outdoor landscape lighting to provide atmosphere at night and this adds to the security of your home.
8. Consider building a pond. Be sure to look and research thoroughly before beginning.

Some pitfalls that do it yourselfers make are:

1. Failure to have design in place.
2. Every one else does it.
3. Failure to irrigate.
4. If you are on a hillside, plan for planting prone to erosion.
5. Failure to work with what you have.
6. Tools that are not easily found, never handy and not in shape.

As you begin to plan your landscape design ideas, this article will hopefully help you with ideas and what mistakes to avoid. Please remember this project of putting your ideas into practice is a time to treasure and enjoy.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Swimming pool safety covers are an absolute must in a home with small children. We’ve all heard terrible stories of how infants and toddlers have made their way into the pool unattended, only to meet a terrible fate. It doesn’t take much water for a drowning to occur; children can drown in a small amount of water in a bucket, so you know how dangerous pools and hot tubs can be. It only takes one quick moment for a child to slip into the pool unnoticed without a sound, and they don’t have to be under water for very long before severe oxygen deprivation occurs or even death. Swimming pool safety covers are a necessity to prevent these terrible tragedies from occurring; they are more than worth the investment, if only one life is saved.

There are many different types of covers available, and they come in all shapes and sizes too. Prices also vary depending on the complexity of the design and the installation process. Some swimming pool safety covers are very simple and easy to install, and are made of a strong netting that has holes too small for an infant or small child to fall through. At the same time the child will not be able to walk, crawl, or jump around on top of the net. This type of swimming pool safety cover is an affordable option and just takes a few minutes to cover and uncover the pool. Other types of swimming pool safety covers are made of a strong mesh or vinyl material, and like a net-type cover, can be safely anchored around the sides of the pool or installed on a roller system for easy use and storage.

Swimming pool safety covers are available from most local companies that install pools and outdoor hot tubs, and also online through various pool supply vendors. Covers vary in price depending on materials used, size, and installation costs; in addition to providing reassurance, some swimming pool safety covers keep pools and hot tubs insulated, and use solar energy to heat the water making it more cost efficient to heat during cooler months. Leaves, dirt, and other debris is also kept out with the swimming pool safety cover in place, so you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool, instead of just cleaning it all the time! And best of all . . . peace of mind.

Swimming Pool Cleaners

Welcome to the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips!

We have collected articles and information regarding swimming pool cleaners and maintenance for you, from swimming pool cleaners robots to the good old fashion brashes, we got all the tips and information on cleaning pools. Things have changed a lot since the days you had to empty your pool and get down on all fours to clean it up, there has also been amazing advancements in pool water quality control and chemicals, you may want to go into our article section to explore these detials and learn more on how you can make your pool safer, cleaner and more fun. Some of the advise on these pages is very important, especially if you have never cleaned a pool or are a first time pool owner, please take the time to read the articles and review the tips and advice offered in them.

Some general tips on swimming pool cleaners and maintenance. It is very important that you take good care of your swimming pool, naturally you should make sure that the water are safe, and match the level of maintenance to the level of usage, since there is little chance you could predict your pool use it is recommended that you do this regularly. You will want to test the swimming pool water in the evening. Check the water before you add any kind of chemicals to the pool’s water. Once tested you should also test the water in the morning, before anyone uses the pool – so you know that the water quality is good for the days activities. A PH level of 7.5 is probably best, that is considered to be the ideal level for swimming pool water. Test the swimming pool water according to usage, if you use the pool every few days there is no reason for daily checks, just before you intend on using it. At some seasons the swimming pool is used more than at other seasons so make sure you adjust your pool cleaning and maintenance to the seasons and your pool usage. Make sure you check the pool in advance to ensure a safe and enjoyable pool. Check signs of poor water quality, in general swimming pool water should be clear and bleu, anything that is not blue and clear is a cause for concern and you should simply take a close look at the water to make sure there is no algae growth or cloudiness.

Pay attention to the weather, different weather conditions have a significant effect on the water quality and the pool cleanness. The weather conditions effect the swimming pool water quality too, strong sun reduces amounts of chlorine and rainy seasons may increase water lever or introduce parasites to the pool. You should consider checking the water at the return flow of water to the pool, check and add any chemicals to ensure that there is effective mixing with filtered water. Regularly clean the pool surfaces including the waterline to ensure that build up of sun-oils, body fats, algae, airborne pollution and other dirt is not left to build up. Pool surround paving slabs should be cleaned with a strong Chlorine solution, brushed away from the pool.

Pool maintenance and swimming pool cleaners are something you need to do to keep enjoying your swimming pool, clean you pool and read about swimming pool maintenance on these pages. Have fun cleaning your pool, and even more fun swimming in it!

Make Your Bathroom Design Ideas Come To Life

Bathroom Design Ideas can come to you whether you are buying a home, having one built or remodeling your current home. There are so many options open to you with bathroom design ideas.

Basic Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are purchasing a new home make sure it has the requirements you are looking for so you don’t have to pay to remodel on top of your new mortgage.

One particular item to think about is family size. If it is just you and your spouse you probably want a really great master bath and a very nice half bath or full bath (depending on your house layout) for your guests.
If you choose to remodel the baths in your home you have endless options open to you in bathroom design ideas. You do need to decide if you are going to do the work yourselves or hire a contractor. Before you decide on that option, to get some ideas going for bath design you need to ask yourself some basic questions:

1. Master bathroom – What look am I going for?
2. Sinks – Which type?
3. Toilet and placement – enclosed?
4. Shower/tub combo or separate?
5. Tile floor or laminate?
6. Wallpaper or paint?
7. Mirrors and lighting
8. Cabinet and space

If you and your husband prefer separate sinks you could go with a marble countertop with cabinets beneath and separate faucets. Another look is to go with separate pedestal sinks.

Toilets can be enclosed totally by a door or partially by a half wall.

Garden tub or Jacuzzi’s are really in right now with a separate shower built in the master bath.

Tile floors are easy to maintain and you could carry the theme with tile base around the base.

Wallpaper versus paint is always an individual choice. There are many ways to go with bathroom design ideas in this area.

Mirrors can be fun to pick out. You could choose to have one large mirror over the marble sink with round light bulbs surrounding it or if you chose to have pedestal sinks you could go with a really cool look with individual taste in a mirror to go over each sink.

Cabinet space is usually a big issue in any bathroom. A lot of older houses have a bathroom pantry located right outside the bathroom. To make your master bath larger you could add additional space for stacked built in cabinets which will leave plenty of room for your towels and any additional items that need to be stored.

If you have a family a children’s bathroom can be fun to design. You need to determine what needs you have depending on the age of the children. You can even turn an unused bedroom into a bathroom and put in a claw foot tub, sink and anything else you can think of and make it child friendly with wallpaper of something that they love.

If you have a family member that is handicapped and can get around without assistance in the bathroom, you can have a bathroom easily converted into a handicapped friendly bathroom. There are a number of options ranging from a step in tub to a shower that is built especially for those who can’t stand.

This article should show that there are so many ways to go with bathroom design ideas. It basically should let you know that there are not too many ways to go wrong it’s just based on your own judgment and tastes.

How to make the most of your backyard with backyard design?

Backyard space if nicely utilized can increase you living area and add on to the overall aesthetics of the house. Especially if you are entertaining guests, a nicely developed patio will make a nice place to host your guests and also may be utilized in many other ways like playing, relaxing and even dining. So follow the below mentioned methods and steps to enjoy a beautiful patio.

Best Backyard Design Ideas

Quick-sketch garden plan for backyard design

The first and foremost step for backyard design should be making a sketch on paper. Start from a rough sketch and when you feel you would like to go about it, make it in a more professional manner with proper measurements and scales.

A small patio in compact shape

A small shape normally looks more homely. It is interesting to create a shape that contrasts the back door area. It adds on aesthetically to the house and gives a cozy feeling. For example to soften the edges of the houses, you may have a round patio or may be a pentagonal one. If you have a lawn at your backyard, normally a narrow and wide patio suits. In case you want to divide your space, your backyard design should be narrow but longish.

Complimenting house

Backyard design which complements the look of the house is the best. If you have a traditional kind of house, merge it with a patio made of bricks and place some old looking furniture. Similarly a contemporary and modern house should have a clean and smooth patio while a cottage may have a fenced patio that should be small in size.

House on hills

Patios look beautiful in the houses that are on hills. You may add a wide stair and make a more useful space.

Shape of the patio

The shape of the patio should be properly thought over before construction. It is not necessary that you go for a geometric shape only. You may have even an abstract shape. This would add a lot of substance to your lawn.

Use of colors

Backyard design looks incomplete without colors. Sculpt your space in such a manner that you may play with some colors and add life to the space. You may use bold as well as subtle colors depending upon the design you have chosen and your likings.

Backyard design may be used as an extended living space. You may put rugs on the patio and enjoy it as you may want. In fact, if your child is fond of playing instruments or love to read or paint, you may convert the patio into his hobby room. It is just a matter of how you use backyard design in your favor.