Swimming Pool Games Encourage Fun and Fitness

Swimming pools can add flair to the landscaping of your home and make the family dwelling a beautiful place to be. They will also make your home more valuable should you decide to sell it.

A family pool has other benefits as well. It is a great place for each family member to gather and enjoy fun time together, and some research at the library or on the Internet will provide rules and regulations for any number of pool games to further enhance your enjoyment.

Students also learn different games at school, and often watch different games played on various television programs including, but not limited to, sporting events. The local swimming pool supply store will also sell games that can be played in a pool and the equipment necessary to play them.

Pool Games Can Be Fun For All Ages

Many people, both old and young, have heard of one of the most popular swimming pool games called “Marco Polo” which is perfect for families. This game is easy enough for young children to play while adults can also enjoy playing with them. It requires no special equipment, so can begin without any special preparations.

Water polo does take some time to set up, but it’s worth the effort. It is a favorite for larger groups divided into teams and is competitive, so carefully chosen teams can provide excitement as the audience waits to see the final score. The rules for a water polo match can be adjusted to provide the most enjoyment for the group that participates. Organizers, official or unofficial, can generate additional excitement through various forms of competition such as diving contests or swimming races.

Playing Games In The Pool Increase Fitness

Games are a fun way to promote physical fitness with less pain than in a land based version of the same game. The water facilitates the movement of the participants which means that players who might have trouble on land will find more comfort in the pool. Organizers should choose games suited to the energy levels of the participants.

Swimming pool games also allow strenuous physical activity during the warmer months without the perspiration produced by activity in the hot weather in their on land counterparts. All of the participants should be able to do activities to promote fitness without the uncomfortable feeling often produced by doing similar activities on land.

Swimming Pool Distributors Have Wonderful Products

A swimming pool is a great addition to the family home, and this pool will provide a great place for the people in the family to get some great exercise. Swimming is a great exercise that will not put pressure on the joints that are pounded with jogging out on the street. A swimming pool can also provide a refreshing retreat during the warm months. The swimming pool is also a great place for entertaining. The pool can provide a party venue for teenagers or a barbecue for everyone in the family. There are some great games that can be played in a pool for fun and exercise at the same time. A good swimming pool distributor is the place to start when shopping for the perfect pool to add to the landscape of any home. The swimming pool distributors have many different products, and these swimming pool distributors will be able to offer great advice on the best pool for each client. The swimming pool distributor will know the local area, and the types of pools that are suitable to the climate and other conditions in the vicinity. The advice of a swimming pool distributor could save the family money and heartache. Swimming Pool Distributors Know the Latest News on Pools Swimming pool distributors have wonderful fiberglass pools that can last for many years of fun and exercise. These distributors have pools that come in one piece and can be installed in many different places. Many of these distributors will be able to guarantee their pools with lifetime guarantees. The buyer of the pool will not have to worry that their pool will crack or develop other problems. Swimming pool distributors should be able to give comprehensive information on a wide variety of swimming pools. Each potential swimming pool buyer should consult with others and the community agencies to find the best swimming pool distributor in the area. The swimming pool is a significant investment, and the latest designs are wonderful. The swimming pool should last a lifetime, and the swimming pool distributor should have information on the advantages and disadvantages of all the models on the market. A good swimming pool distributor should also have advice on all of the products and steps necessary for pool maintenance once the pool is completed. A pool should be cared for with daily, monthly and yearly maintenance procedures, and the distributor should be knowledgeable of these procedures to help the buyer out.

Swimming Pool Design

Tailor Your Swimming Pool Design To Your Personal Needs

When deciding on a swimming pool design, one of the key factors is the pools intended use. Whether it is for family fun or physical therapy, there are many different swimming pool designs from which to choose. Your pool budget will also have something to say about the design.

For a family, a typical pool will be rectangular, with your budget and available space dictating its size, with possibly a deep end for diving and a shallow end for lounging. If you have small children, it may also include a wading area for them to splash around in that is separate from the remainder of the pool.

For those who have no plans to dive and simply want a swimming pool design to help them with physical therapy or to help stay in shape, a shallow pool that allows for straight swimming may be an option. The reduced depth of the pool may save on installation costs and will require less water to fill it. You can also provide the needed length, with less width, which will still allow for the needed, or wanted, exercise.

Swimming Pool Designs Available For Confined Spaces

People with smaller areas in which to install a pool will have fewer choices. A simple round pool can be installed to allow relaxation as well as those that are oval-shaped or even kidney shaped. The size of the pool will obviously be determined by the amount of available space.

Those folks with a more accommodating budget may even consider a swimming pool design which allows access from an inside part of the house. The main pool is built outside with a short connecting area that runs into a room inside, to allow for winter, or at least colder weather access to the pool. The partially indoor and outdoor swimming pool is becoming more popular with those in milder climates as well as in motels and hotels as an added attraction to cold-weather guests.

Visiting a contractor can reveal many different swimming pool design options and they will be able to offer advice on the type and size of the pool based on your location, the amount of space available as well as your budget. One way to go is to work with a contractor to lay out your own swimming pool design and thenhave it custom-built for you.

Swimming Pool Covers Protect Your Investment

Regardless of the extra work involved, there comes a time when pool covers shift from an inconvenience to money-saving devices and should be a part of your swimming pool supplies. Usually that will be in the fall when leaves are falling from nearby trees and covering your water with debris.

Not only will that require more time in dipping them out with a net, but they can get into the filtering system and clog it up, putting extra pressure on your water filtering pumps and potentially causing them damage, but they can clog your water heating system as well. All because you did not feel like putting your swimming pool cover in place.

Essentially, there are two basic swimming pool covers that you can choose from and both types serve a specific purpose.

A solar swimming pool cover, which is like a heavy-duty bubble wrap, can float on top of the pool and provide heat to the water. Rolled onto a bar, usually at one end of in inground pool, it can easily be pulled onto the waters surface. The cover has thousands of bubbles that work as a magnifying glass to focus the suns heat on the water, warming it when not is use.

There is a heavy duty swimming pool cover that should be in place as part of your pool winterizing, especially in colder climates. Throughout the winter months, snow, ice and other debris that seems to accompany bad weather, can build up on the surface of the pool and a cover will prevent most of it from getting into the water.

After a long, hard winter, there will be a layer of water on top of the pool from the melting snow and spring rains that will have to be cleaned off before you remove the cover. Failing to clean off swimming pool covers will result in everything on the cover falling into the pool, contaminating the water and requiring a lot more chemical treatments before it is fit for a person to dive in for the first time. The winter cover is typically neatly folded and stored while the pool is in use.

Both types of swimming pool covers are available for above ground pools. The solar cover is important for above ground pools because they are usually not equipped with a water heater. The winter cover is equally important in keeping out the debris that accumulates during the winter months when the pool is not in use.

Three Indoor Swimming Pool Design Tips

Thinking about having an indoor pool setup? You’ve probably looked around for inground pool prices and concluded that hiring someone is the best option, because they’ll think of every little detail that needs to be taken care of. While this may be the case, it doesn’t hurt to know the most important factors that come up when you have a pool room. In this article we’ll cover three of the most important things, which by no means are everything you need to think about, but it’s a good starting point.

Ventilation is key

Ventilation is one of the most important aspects you need to factor in when designing your pool room. Consider that the humidity is inevitable, but you want to keep it under control. This is where ventilation comes into play and there are a number of ways to handle it. Having windows that you can open, ceiling vents, and glass sliding doors should take care of this. If this isn’t an option there are also dehumidifiers, but the downside of this is that the electricity costs will go up.

Consider humidity when thinking about furniture and walls

Whatever furniture you have inside the room must be protected against humidity or be durable enough. Better yet, to avoid any issues they should be water resistant. In case they are not, you have to apply water resistant treatment, such as high gloss paint, and water sealant coatings. By the way, your walls should also be covered with this.

Drainage is also key

People coming in and out of the pool will leave you with a wet floor, and puddles all over the place. Without the sun to evaporate them you’ll need to think about an effective drainage system. It can be as simple as building gentle slopes on the floor that will conduct the water to either a gutter, or a water recollection system if that’s what you want. However you design it, you’ll decrease the chance of slipping accidents.

Carefully thinking ahead when building an indoor pool will guarantee you satisfaction, and overall happiness because you’ll prevent problems that can cause you headaches. Look beyond the aesthetic design (shape, swimming pool lights, etc), your aim when creating this space is to make it as low maintenance as possible, so you can spend more time swimming and less time worrying about problems.

Swimming Pool Liners

One of the first things I learned about when I became a swimming pool owner was the importance of swimming pool liners.  It may be silly, but for all of the swimming I had done in my life, I never gave a second thought to what was actually keeping the water in the pool!  Swimming pool liners are what actually keep the water where it is supposed to be, inside the pool’s frame and no where else.

The second thing I learned about swimming pool liners was the fact that the price and quality can vary quite a bit depending on things like the material the swimming pool liner is made of and how large of a swimming pool you are maintaining.  In my case, the pool was twenty-four feet in diameter, so the liner was rather large.  I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that we were able to get a decent swimming pool liner for less than $200.  I believe the cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $160.

Vinyl swimming pool liners are probably the most common type of pool liner in use today.  It is said that these can last up to fifteen years if properly maintained.  Considering the effort involved in replacing a liner on your own, it is probably wise to get the longest lasting liner you can afford and then do your very best to maintain it.

There are different types of pool liners available for purchase as well.  Beaded pool liners are the more expensive option.  These swimming pool liners are designed for an exact fit and the installation requirements are rather exacting.  Beaded pool liners offer a great variety in designs and patterns for those who place an emphasis on such things.  Overlap swimming pool liners are a lower cost alternative for above ground pools.  This type of liner hangs over the top lip of the pool and in my experience is the most common to see in my area.  This may be due to its lower cost or its less stringent requirements for precision at the time of installation.  Depending on where you live, you may find less selection on the patterns and styles available if you are looking for overlap liners.  J-hook Pool linerscan sometimes be an option for both beaded style swimming pool liners and overlap swimming pool liners.

Beyond look and style, you should also consider what types of warranties are available for the swimming pool liners you are researching.  As I’ve looked online, I’ve seen some with warranties of fifteen years.  I would consider that pretty good myself for a liner.  Also to be considered is the liner’s durability when exposed to harsh swimming pool chemicals and the intense UV rays of the summer sun.

Another thing to remember is that regardless of what cover you purchase, you should always to your best to protect it.  It may seem like common sense, but sharp objects should never be taken into the swimming pool.   This includes not letting your four legged friends with sharp claws near the liner.  My yellow lab would love to take a dip and circles the pool endlessly during the summer months, but I know that one wrong swipe of a foot on the way out could make for a real mess.  I’d rather not risk that.

This information is for educational purposes only.  You should always consult a pool expert regarding your own particular swimming pool needs.  Thank you for reading my summary of above ground swimming pool liners!

Swimming Pool Heater Tips

If you are considering the purchase of a swimming pool heater

The positive side of getting a swimming pool heater is easy.  Not many people enjoy jumping into freezing cold water.  Most people want to be refreshed, not chilled to the bone.  Actually, what is very nice about getting your pool equipped with a heater is the fact that you can extend your swimming season considerably beyond the traditional end of the season on Labor Day.  You probably won’t have your outdoor pool open on Thanksgiving in most places, but you can definitely buy yourself some time when the evenings begin to get chilly.

A swimming pool heater can be run on natural gas, propane, or most commonly, electricity in most locations.  Heat pumps for swimming pools are also an option to consider.  Electric and propane are the most common heating methods.   For those most interested in staying “green”, there are solar heating systems available as well.  One drawback of solar heating is that you must have the necessary sunlight to power the system.  There is a great variation in available sunlight as you move from place to place in the United States, and I’m sure this applies for most of the world as well.  If you can’t depend on a lot of sunny days, you can’t depend on solar heating for your pool either.

As far as the practicality of owning a swimming pool heater, it depends a lot on the area in which you live.  Keeping a pool warm in Maine through the fall is going to take more energy and power (and more money) than heating the same pool in Houston.  That is sort of a no brainer.  Because of this simple fact, the requirements for a swimming pool heater will also vary depending on where you live.  You are going to need a swimming pool heater that can take a heavier load in cooler climates.  By the same token, a larger pool, will hold much more water and will require a more robust heating system as well.

Running a swimming pool heater can get expensive, so if you do decide to install one, you should look for the most energy efficient model you can lay your hands on.  It may cost more up front, but you should take a few minutes to figure out if you will get your money back in energy savings over  the longer term.  Most appliances of this type will have some type of documentation that will tell you this exact information.  Regardless of whether you go for the heater or not, you should also consider getting a solar cover for your pool.  These are relatively inexpensive and can also help to keep your pool’s water warm by acting like an insulating blanket.  Here are a few popular swimming pool heaters available right now.

Swimming Pool Financing

Although economic times are challenging at present, obtaining swimming pool financing and installing a swimming pool can be seen as a capital investment that will pay off down the line if you decide to sell your property.  Real estate agents will recognize and promote this selling point to increase the likelihood of your seeing a premium from your investment.

The economy has affected people in different situations in different ways.  Sadly, some are feeling a serious sting right now.  Others are in businesses that are weathering the storm better.  If you can install your pool without taking out a loan that will cost you in interest, you may want to do that.  Installing a swimming pool can be an expensive proposition however and you may find that you need to apply for swimming pool financing.  Your decision to obtain swimming pool financing may change as the economy fluctuates.  We all hope that recovery will come sooner rather than later, but whenever you decide to look for swimming pool financing, you should prepare yourself beforehand by taking a few proactive steps.

  • Before applying for swimming pool financing, contact several swimming pool contractors in your area to obtain written estimates or quotes on the job. Be certain that all details of the swimming pool installation are covered and are in writing. Unfortunately, some contractors are not as good as others when it comes to responding to inquiries. If they do not respond, consider yourself lucky to have found out about them before they signed on to do work for you.
  • Swimming pool installation is a luxury area. Because of this prices can fluctuate depending demand for swimming pool installations in your area. This could be a good thing if you are able to build when demand is low and swimming pool contractors are looking to obtain work. They may be more willing to compete for your business. Obviously, less money that you have to spend will mean less swimming pool financing for you to apply for when you decide to build.
  • Installation costs for swimming pools are also heavily dependent on material costs. Understand this and if you are so inclined, check the prices of materials the builder may need before they start giving you numbers. These material costs will be a huge part of what you are paying for if you end up searching for swimming pool financing.
  • When you decide to apply for swimming pool financing, ask as many questions as you can think of that might benefit you and save you money. Just as you want to hear from numerous contractors before building your swimming pool, you should be just as diligent when looking for lenders. Assuming that you are in a position where you can honestly expect to receive a loan, ask if swimming pool financing is an area that the lenders have experience with or if they have any special programs that might help you in your particular situation.

Whatever you may decide to do, do not rush into any major money investments or loans without first doing your homework to prepare yourself.  Swimming pool financing is available but be sure that you know what you are signing up for and how much it will cost you in the long term.  Remember though that your investment in a swimming pool can be pay rewards down the line when you are looking to sell.  Thank you for your visit and for reading about swimming pool financing.

Swimming Pool Covers

In this article I’m going to focus on swimming pool solar covers, which get used during the summer and swimming pool winter covers.  These latter ones obviously are designed for use during the cold winter months.  There are other types of swimming pool covers that I will write about in separate articles.  The would include dome covers, retractable covers, automatic covers (for larger pools) and entire swimming pool enclosures to name a few.  You can generally find pretty much any swimming pool cover that you need for sale online at pretty good prices.

During the warmer months, a solar swimming pool cover can be used to help hold in the heat stored by the water during the day.  You simply spread the solar cover over the surface of the swimming pool when you are done swimming for the day and then remove it when you are ready to swim again the next day.  These covers look like giant, blue pieces of bubble wrap.  Some people swear by them and use them faithfully.  For me, the one thing I did not like about these was the fact that they were cumbersome to get on and off by myself.  I always ended up soaked.  If you have a helper available, that could make a big difference.  There are also special wind up devices available that are designed to make the whole process easier.

As the summer season ends, pool owners must go about the task of closing their swimming pools for the season.  Although it is not necessarily the most enjoyable chore, it must be done if you are going to get the longest possible life out of your swimming pool.  Winter swimming pool covers are an essential item if you live in an area that gets weather cold enough for you to close down the swimming pool.

When you are purchasing your winter cover, be sure that you get the right size.  Depending on the cover you purchase, these may or may not include a heavy wire that laces through the outer circumference of the cover.  This wire is then fed into a ratcheting end piece that can be used to tighten down the cover.  Some people prefer to hang milk jugs filled with water from the edges of the cover as a way to hold things in place.  I personally have never tried that method since I’ve always had the wire and it worked fine.

I would recommend getting the best winter cover that you can afford.  The wind can really whip up during the winter and covers sometimes end up flapping like flags in the breeze.  This can put some wear and tear on the cover quickly.  I ended up replacing covers in two consecutive seasons because of this.  The plastic fiber simply wore through.  I think that finding a heavier duty cover from the beginning would have been the smart thing to do.

The specific costs involved in buying above ground swimming pool covers or in ground swimming pool covers will depend on the size of your pool, the quality of the cover and some other individual differences that may or may not be important to you.  As with many things, if you choose the lowest quality that you can find to save a few bucks, you may end up paying more in the end.  Here are a few of the currently listed swimming pool cover on eBay in case you are shopping around for deals.

Intex Saltwater System

The following is a review of the Intex Saltwater System that was submitted to me when I asked about people’s personal experiences with various swimming pool filtering and chemical systems.  I cannot vouch for it, but I thought it might be of interest to some folks.  Always do your research and use your best judgment.:

If you are looking to purchase an above ground swimming pool, you might want to consider the purchase an Intex Saltwater System for your above ground pool. You can purchase the saltwater system for under $200.00. It will honestly pay for itself in one season. You will no longer have to buy chlorine, or any other harsh chemical for you pool again.

The saltwater system will keep your pool sparkling clear, with little work on your part. The saltwater system works with your pump that comes with the pool. Depending on what size pool you have, the amount of salt you have to put into your saltwater system will vary. The salt is made up of sodium and chloride, and the saline water goes through plates that give the salt cell and chlorine a positive charge, after which, it goes into the pool water as free chlorine. There are many benefits of using the salt water system, since there are no harsh chemicals in your pool and no chlorine, it is less irritating to your eyes, and it does not affect people with breathing problems. It also will not fade your bathing suit. It is a wise investment to do this, you will save money and time. You and your family will be glad that you switched to a saltwater system.