When buying patio furniture you want to get something that is durable and won’t fade or crack up and peel like some products do. The craft of producing wicker patio furniture has been developing for hundreds of years. Originally this type of custom made furniture Auckland was made from Willow reeds but is now made from many other types of natural and even man made materials.

Those of us who appreciate traditional styles of concrete outdoor furniture Brisbane want something that looks rustic but it must also be very durable and offer good value for money. You will make a good decision if you get wicker furniture because of the variety of individual styles it can be shaped into. It is remarkably strong and durable and well designed wicker garden furniture looks great on your patio.

Being made of a flexible natural material wicker has a little give in it which makes it very comfortable for anyone whatever their size and shape. Quality wicker furniture will have been constructed with a tight weave that uses plenty of wicker reeds to give it great strength.

When looking at outdoor wicker furniture you should examine the reeds used in it’s manufacture to be sure they are smoothly shaped and none are broken or cracked. If there are any cracked of broken reeds you should assume that it has been made of cheap materials and probably manufactured in a hurry. It can be very uncomfortable for you or your guests to sit on cracked and broken reeds and might even cause an injury.

You can find many different styles of patio furniture made from wicker reeds and sofa style seating is very popular. Moving furniture of other types around your patio or garden can be a struggle but wicker is light and easy to move. Since it is made of natural materials wicker survives the weather quite well but it will be affected if it is left unprotected all year round. You can help maintain that pristine look by investing in some patio furniture covers to keep your patio furniture protected from the worst of the weather and looking good for many years.