Truss Loft Conversions


Many homeowners think that their truss loft conversion will involve heavy steel beams, scaffolding and cranes which is a very off putting image to envisage. This may cause people to opt for alternative expansion methods which usually cost more and cause inconvenience and disruption to the property.

Our TeleBeam conversion system eliminates all these problems and opens up the opportunities for homeowners with such worries. The ease and simplicity of these expertly constructed beams allow loft conversion Ripon to take place with as limited disruption as possible. Loft Creations are proud to be the primary suppliers of the TeleBeam system in the North. We work very closely on each bespoke truss property to ensure a smooth running process from start to finish, creating amazing attic spaces.

Loft Conversions – Add Space & Value to Your Home

Loft conversions West London are mainly known to have two main benefits – adding space to your home and adding extra value to your property. If you are looking to create an extra bedroom, have the benefit of a home office, need extra entertainment space or simply want another living area in your home, then a loft conversion is a great option for you. The benefits are vast and by extending upwards there are usually less implications to deal with such as planning permission. However, when faced with any such implications regarding rules and regulations your loft conversion experts will handle all the paperwork for you.
Many reports clearly state that an attic conversion can add value to your property above and beyond the investment cost. This means when the time comes to move up the property ladder, you can see a larger return for your current house. The benefits really are never ending!


  • Free, no obligation home visit
  • Design your perfect loft creation, with detailed drawings
  • Obtain planning permission and building control authority
  • Assistance with financing your loft creation
  • Cause minimal disruption to your home life, operating in a professional and courteous manner at all times

Decking Brisbane – The Right Choice For Timber Construction


If you are looking to construct a new home or simply renovate your older home, then the best quality of timber for decking is a must. Decking Brisbane is among the top leader in this relevant field. It is much necessary to encourage more and more plantation of trees in order to make our environment clean and green. You can also enjoy recycled timber in order to save our mother nature. The flooring of timber materials looks classy and elegant. If you are in a mood to choose the right timber in order to provide durability to the flooring space then Patio Brisbane would be the best choice. This reflects the style statement for your home. If we see wood floor sanding from the cleaning point of view then it would be the best choice because it has a soft covering that makes it a good substitute for removing dirt and dust mites. The timbers that are used for decking is durable and can last for a longer duration of time. The investment cost incurred in renovation part for flooring is a critical decision because it must be a huge amount. You need to spend a significant part of your savings that is why special measures need to be taken in order to understand the overall investment cost incurred.

The overall maintenance of timber flooring is very easy. One of the best properties of timber is that they don’t get damaged if something falls on it. These timbers can be laid down on any type of floor. Perth timber decking company is best known for its quality. The best way to find out the quality timber is that you can browse through the web pages and can have a glimpse of the various categories that are available within the range. You can check out the most economic rates that are available within the range. Durability and attractive designs are the best key driving features for such timbers. Now a day’s hardwood flooring is in huge demand because they can fetch better price if you ever think of selling it. There are lots of designs that are available within the range and you can think of selecting any one of the wide variety.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Brick Fireplace Designs

When it comes to family gatherings and special occasions, fireplaces  can do wonders in spicing up the environment visually and providing some extra warmth to keep everyone comfortable during cool situations. They serve as a nice centerpiece to make the entire room feel very stylish and classy to be in. With so many different fireplace designs or fireplaces restoration that can be applied, families have the leisure in choosing a good fireplace design that best matches the surroundings of the room and overall house layout.

But before putting the focus on the design and look of the fireplace, it is important to straighten out what materials are to be used for the fireplace as each material has different pros and cons. The materials used directly affect the overall lifespan of the fireplace. The good news is that it is easy to choose the material if one of the needs happens to be long lifespan. If that is the case for you, the best choose for you is to choose any of the brick fireplace designs that are available.

Brick designs are simple and effectively combine the good traditional elements with contemporary elements and should blend in with any modern home setup with a few modern touches. As long as it is built with long lasting bricks, your chosen brick fireplace design will last a lot longer than expected and that is good because brick fireplace designs are tough and sturdy and are very affordable too so that means double savings for you.

On the design side, brick fireplace designs may not always be a plus for your home depending on how it is set up. A seemingly good brick fireplace design can still be a double-edged sword. For instance, brick fireplace designs usually give off a traditional feel and that balances well with modern elements. However, installing a traditional brick fireplace in an area filled with old design elements can make the entire area even older and therefore less-attractive.

Fortunately there is a workaround to this minor drawback by exerting some additional effort in decorating the wall where the fireplace will be mounted in with ornaments and other decors that restore balance to the room. Another minor drawback is the fact that you need to mount them on site, but again you can avoid this issue by taking your time in choosing the size of bricks.

Remember that although brick designs clearly indicate that they are fireplaces that are made up of bricks, they are never used on the inside to comply with local building codes. With that aside, you will most definitely enjoy the standard benefits of having a fireplace much longer than usual and combined with the low cost, it should be enough for you to start building your own brick fireplace design right away. There are so many brick fireplace designs that you can choose from and there are various kits that you can use from paint kit accessories to complete fireplace kits.

Make Your Bathroom Design Ideas Come To Life

Bathroom Design Ideas can come to you whether you are buying a home, having one built or remodeling your current home. There are so many options open to you with bathroom design ideas.

Basic Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are purchasing a new home make sure it has the requirements you are looking for so you don’t have to pay to remodel on top of your new mortgage.

One particular item to think about is family size. If it is just you and your spouse you probably want a really great master bath and a very nice half bath or full bath (depending on your house layout) for your guests.
If you choose to remodel the baths in your home you have endless options open to you in bathroom design ideas. You do need to decide if you are going to do the work yourselves or hire a contractor. Before you decide on that option, to get some ideas going for bath design you need to ask yourself some basic questions:

1. Master bathroom – What look am I going for?
2. Sinks – Which type?
3. Toilet and placement – enclosed?
4. Shower/tub combo or separate?
5. Tile floor or laminate?
6. Wallpaper or paint?
7. Mirrors and lighting
8. Cabinet and space

If you and your husband prefer separate sinks you could go with a marble countertop with cabinets beneath and separate faucets. Another look is to go with separate pedestal sinks.

Toilets can be enclosed totally by a door or partially by a half wall.

Garden tub or Jacuzzi’s are really in right now with a separate shower built in the master bath.

Tile floors are easy to maintain and you could carry the theme with tile base around the base.

Wallpaper versus paint is always an individual choice. There are many ways to go with bathroom design ideas in this area.

Mirrors can be fun to pick out. You could choose to have one large mirror over the marble sink with round light bulbs surrounding it or if you chose to have pedestal sinks you could go with a really cool look with individual taste in a mirror to go over each sink.

Cabinet space is usually a big issue in any bathroom. A lot of older houses have a bathroom pantry located right outside the bathroom. To make your master bath larger you could add additional space for stacked built in cabinets which will leave plenty of room for your towels and any additional items that need to be stored.

If you have a family a children’s bathroom can be fun to design. You need to determine what needs you have depending on the age of the children. You can even turn an unused bedroom into a bathroom and put in a claw foot tub, sink and anything else you can think of and make it child friendly with wallpaper of something that they love.

If you have a family member that is handicapped and can get around without assistance in the bathroom, you can have a bathroom easily converted into a handicapped friendly bathroom. There are a number of options ranging from a step in tub to a shower that is built especially for those who can’t stand.

This article should show that there are so many ways to go with bathroom design ideas. It basically should let you know that there are not too many ways to go wrong it’s just based on your own judgment and tastes.

How to make the most of your backyard with backyard design?

Backyard space if nicely utilized can increase you living area and add on to the overall aesthetics of the house. Especially if you are entertaining guests, a nicely developed patio will make a nice place to host your guests and also may be utilized in many other ways like playing, relaxing and even dining. So follow the below mentioned methods and steps to enjoy a beautiful patio.

Best Backyard Design Ideas

Quick-sketch garden plan for backyard design

The first and foremost step for backyard design should be making a sketch on paper. Start from a rough sketch and when you feel you would like to go about it, make it in a more professional manner with proper measurements and scales.

A small patio in compact shape

A small shape normally looks more homely. It is interesting to create a shape that contrasts the back door area. It adds on aesthetically to the house and gives a cozy feeling. For example to soften the edges of the houses, you may have a round patio or may be a pentagonal one. If you have a lawn at your backyard, normally a narrow and wide patio suits. In case you want to divide your space, your backyard design should be narrow but longish.

Complimenting house

Backyard design which complements the look of the house is the best. If you have a traditional kind of house, merge it with a patio made of bricks and place some old looking furniture. Similarly a contemporary and modern house should have a clean and smooth patio while a cottage may have a fenced patio that should be small in size.

House on hills

Patios look beautiful in the houses that are on hills. You may add a wide stair and make a more useful space.

Shape of the patio

The shape of the patio should be properly thought over before construction. It is not necessary that you go for a geometric shape only. You may have even an abstract shape. This would add a lot of substance to your lawn.

Use of colors

Backyard design looks incomplete without colors. Sculpt your space in such a manner that you may play with some colors and add life to the space. You may use bold as well as subtle colors depending upon the design you have chosen and your likings.

Backyard design may be used as an extended living space. You may put rugs on the patio and enjoy it as you may want. In fact, if your child is fond of playing instruments or love to read or paint, you may convert the patio into his hobby room. It is just a matter of how you use backyard design in your favor.

Go All Out With Basement Design Ideas

If you are thinking of remodeling or finally getting around to doing something with your existing basement, there are a multitude of basement design ideas.

Some fun basement design ideas for a finished basement include: an entertainment room, workout room, a guest room or maybe an extra kid’s room, an extra bathroom, a wet bar, an office, storage space or even a workshop of some kind.

Make a bold statement in your basement with vivid coloring from furniture, wall, draperies and even pictures. It will enhance the darkness of the basement as will great and unique lighting choices.

Instead of carpeting, think of using unique rugs to add variety and class to the mix. This can be an easy fix if you end up with water damage in the basement since you won’t have to worry about carpet. You can simply take the rugs up and clean them.

If you are remodeling your basement there are some steps to avoid when you plan your basement design ideas:

1. Do It Yourself or hire a contractor?
2. Consider the overall layout of your space.
3. Complete the entire job.
4. Consider your house style and carry through to the basement.
5. Determine the cost of what needs to be done.

If you take these into consideration then you have taken a step in the right direction and are ready to start with your basement design ideas.

One major item to be aware of and must always be considered is basement waterproofing and mold. Mold is a major issue especially in sheetrock and can wreak havoc in your basement and life.

Because basements or concrete slabs are large sources of moisture they draw moisture inside. This can produce a mold nightmare as well as damp floors and mildew smells. It can also affect the sales price of your home when you want to sell it, as much as up to 25%.

One solution is dehumidifiers. They condense water in the air and need to be emptied daily. Another more effective idea is electric floor heating. You can also deep seal your concrete in the basement or slab in RadonSeal.

As you have seen your basement design ideas can be creative, useful, entertaining or can be used to add space to your existing house. Whichever way you choose to go in using your basement it can be a relaxing addition to your home.

Renovate Your Kitchen


If  you  are  in  a  mood  to  kitchen renovations eastern suburbs Sydney  then  you  can  look  upon  for bench  tops as  a  makeover.  They are  considered  as  a perfect  material  because  of  the needs  of  the  functional  data  that  fits  according  to  your  budget.  If  you  own  a  beautiful kitchen, it is considered as one of the most important factor for every homeowner. They are often termed as the heart of the home. This is because of the reason that the entire meals  are  made  in  the  kitchen  from  on  the  go  breakfasts  to  the  delectable  dinner creations on a whole. The Caesarstone is considered as a refined and processed man-made  stone  material  along  with  huge  quantity  of  natural  quartz material.  They  have pigments along with polymer resins that make it a glossy and shiny look. They are many of the times harder than a natural stone. In the previous days, marble and granites have been  considered  as  the  most  popular  choice  for  kitchen  materials.  These  stones  are more durable as well as opposed to granite.

The Building Refurbishments is  around  17  times  less  absorbent  and  allows  the  practically stain defiant matter for  simple cleaning purposes. They are also many of the times resistant to scratches and mold common to kitchen sinks that makes this ideal stone as a  splash back solution. These materials are versatile and are available in a wide range of colors as  well  as  designs.  This  means  that  whatever  you  look  after  they  are  considered  for modern  or  traditional  designs  on  a  whole.  There  are  qualified  designers  who  are engaged  in  adept listening  to  what  you  wish to  achieve in  your  lifetime.  You  can  work altogether and create a look, which is ideal for you by just bringing together practicality and functionality along with vision.

When  you  are  thinking  of  a  professional  kitchen  design, Building Refurbishments will  give  you  bench tops and splashbacks what they need. You can talk of the same about a tough, durable  and  clean  granite benchtops  and  splash  back  that  are  being  used.  However,  an effective  kitchen  bench  top  provides  you  with  a  homemaker  room  to  complete  your favorite dishes.

Decorative Antiques Have Its Own Worth

ecorative antiquescomprises of chairs, dining tables, chests, bureaus, etc. The woods are chiefly used in their making is oak , walnut, pine , mahogany and rosewood . antique shop in Melbourne should be positioned in such fashion that direct sunlight could not touch and harm it.Hence,designer curtains or shuttercould be utilized to disseminate or block sunlight if possible. Antique bedroom furniture comes invaried package, but the most common ones include beds of varied sizes, washstands, night tables, alluring vanity dressers, and armories. Now, one may witness exceptional adorning accessories are exhibited at the auction including original oil paintings, Persian rugs, wall clocks,religious statuary with antique carved wood Santos, grandfather long case clocks antique lamps, bronze figures, crystal and alabaster chandeliers, crystal, cut glass, pottery, planters, stained leaded glass windows, antique china,marble and iron urns, and many more. Antique Bedroom Furniture is of inimitable aesthetic importance and one cannot miss that eternal appeal that can transform the simple decor of any room. But buying is not all onehas to feel its elegance, excellence and existence for meaningful installation at places.
Antique furniture Melbourne offers antique bedroom furniture sets that come with a bed along a mirror and two nightstands, with a chest of drawers. It willrecreatea classic ambience and would make the room look like soaked in serenity and sophistication of bygone times, blended together with the functionality of the conventional beds. Antique Bedroom Furniture are quite sturdy for regular use, but also lendsthe room an antique and novel appeal. What allows antique bedroom furniture have an edge over others is its divergentfashion, appeal and sophistication.Because of its exquisite designing, antique bedroom furniture is dealt in high price. Antique bedroom furniture caters to every household and they go in harmony with the contemporary furniture that features minimalistic design.
Now, the question arises here is that why antique furniture can exercise such wide appeal?The one reason is the historic importance it possesses, another is the worthobtained through time. Those avid collectors go intopurchase of varying types of these antiques fordifferent reasons. However the anthology of antiques is all about personal choice. Collectingthesefurniture is entirely different from collecting any other antique, as furniture release an aesthetic aura.Antique sofas are beautiful they not only enhance the decor of the room but also a perfect utility item However, when they are purchased it has to be examined as there are scams to dupe innocent buyers claiming their counterfeit articles to be an antique. Hence prior to buying any antique it isrequired to verify and be outfitted with full-proof knowledge about them.