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Factors Influencing Home Swimming Pool Price

Some people try to install a swimming pool on the territory of their property by themselves. But if you prefer an in-ground pool, hire only a licensed experienced contractor. Wrong installation of such swimming pool can back-fire. Their major problem is leaks that may result in re-installation of the pool. So, do not try to save money doing it by yourself.

As for the prices for these swimming pools, their range is really wide. Pricing you pool, take into account not only its construction and installation process, but such “extras” as waterfalls, fountains and lighting, if you are going to have them. First of all, get average prices for your area. On average, it costs about $50 per sq.ft.. Evaluate a total footage for the pool without frills. There should be a separate project for the frills. It is recommended to hire an architect to sketch-out the swimming pool. It may cost about $100-$200. But before hiring the architect or a project manager, make inquiries about their reputation.

Of course, price of the pool depends heavily on its size, frills and water depth. For example, a 16×32 or 18×36 rectangular cement pools will cost about $30 000. Kidney shaped in-ground pool will cost more. If you want to install an Olympic sized in-ground pool, be ready to spend about $500 000. Frills like above mentioned “extras” double your expenses for the pool. In turn, shallow areas make them lower.

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