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Filtration Of Water in A Swimming Pool

Can you say what thing we cannot imagine the swimming pool without? Of course, this is a filter which makes water in the swimming pool clean and blue. If we want water in the pool to be always clean and safe for health, we have to equip it with the top-quality filter. Depending on the filtering degree there pools are divided into a few types. The first type is DE filter diatom filter). It is also called a water polisher. This filter can significantly reduce amount of chemicals used to disinfect water in the swimming pool. Tiny diatoms obtained from diatomaceous earth act as sieves removing debris. The water polisher filters out the particles of the size of 1 micron. It is considered to be the most effective filter for a reason. When it is necessary to recharge the filter with more diatom powder, its pressure is risen. Its filter area is from 60 to 70 square feet. They say water filtered in such a manner can improve immune system of the person bathing in the swimming pool.

A cartridge filter has a larger filter area than the DE filter. It ranges from 100 to 300 square feet and there are even filter that have large filter area. Apart from this fact, it is more cost-effective alternative to the DE filter. Its filter material captures debris when water passes through it. In turn, an owner of the swimming pool can make a selection from two types of cartridge filters. Though in fact, the only difference between them is price of filter elements. Any of these types is cleaned two times a season and this process is much easier than in case of the DE filter.

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